[Pharo-users] Is RubMethodEditingExample supposed to work?

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Mon Oct 12 14:20:06 EDT 2015

On 12-10-15 17:12, Thierry Goubier wrote:
> for the system announcements, I believe you only need to
> follow MethodModified and MethodRemoved.

Ah nice, that works. Just that deleting morphs directly when
reacting to the methodRemoved announcement tends to crash the image...
I've had to replace the last line in

CodePanel>>methodRemoved: anAnnouncement
   | allCards nonMetaMethodClass method |
   allCards := self submorphs flatCollect: [ :each | each submorphs].
   nonMetaMethodClass:=anAnnouncement methodClass.
   method := anAnnouncement method.
   allCards select: [ :aCard |
     (aCard selectedClass = nonMetaMethodClass) and: [
       aCard selector = method selector]]
   thenDo: [ :card | card delete ]

   thenDo: [ :card | WorldState addDeferredUIMessage: [ card delete ]]

Now you just need to load the newest GT-Spotter-AndreiChis.325 for it to
work in Pharo 5


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