[Pharo-users] [ANN] Cupboard inspector for Teapot

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Mon Oct 12 09:37:18 EDT 2015


I took a few minutes to add a custom inspector tool ("Cupboard") to 
Teapot showing all the available teapots. The tool is accessible from the 
Tool menu right after loading "Teapot" and allows get an overview on running teapots. 
If you teapot has dynamic routes they will be shown as well. See screenshot

You can also start/stop a Teapot or add a new one serving static
contents from a selected directory. 

Also catalog messages were added to the ConfigurationOfTeapot and the
NeoJSON repo in the dependencies was fixed.

Just get the lates stable version:

  Gofer it
    smalltalkhubUser: 'zeroflag' project: 'Teapot';

or directly load from ConfigBrowser (Pharo 4) or CatalogBrowser/Spotter (Pharo 5)
in a fresh image.

If you want to quickly serve a (static) webpage from Pharo
Create a web directory and HTML page
  - use "Tools" -> "File Browser" 
  - create a directory "www" using "Add new directory", navigate to it
  - create a new file  "index.html" using "Add new file", edit it and accept the changes

Serve it from Pharo
 - load Teapot in a fresh image
 - open "Tools" -> "Teapot"
 - click on the server icon on the right to create a new static server
 - accept the default port 80 or enter a new one
 - select the directory

Point your browser to http://localhost:80

If you want to quickly server (dynamic) content from Pharo:
 - use one of the examples on http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~zeroflag/Teapot
   Note that the dynamic routes are shown in the new tool

Tip: if you like use "Mustache" template library to mix HTML content
     (like Bootstrap templates, Material design templates or other 
      with your Pharo server objects to serve pages)

Have fun
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