[Pharo-users] Pharo family

Volkert volkert at komponentenwerkstatt.de
Sun Oct 4 11:38:31 EDT 2015


i like the idea of a pharo capability map with all the related projects 
and framework. i have the same feeling as you. For a newcomer its is 
really hard get a picture of what is behind the plenty strange framework 
names.  A structured list of the main frameworks with a short 
description would be helpfull.

Why not starting with a overview of the ecosystem & projects and put it 
on github (https://github.com/pharo-project).

I will support you.


On 04.10.2015 01:54, adam at 234.cz wrote:
> Hello,
> I just did a quick scatch of some projects, frameworks and concepts related to
> Pharo. I did it because I em confused of the cloud of projects around Pharo
> and what thay can do.
> Maybe somewhere already exists similar list. Maybe in textual form. If so,
> please, post it to me.
> Image starts in the center where Pharo logo is. Around it, there should be a
> core of Pharo (included in the image). Outside of this core, there are other
> important projects and frameworks.
> Text in ovals should represent main concepts and around them there are names
> or logos of projects that are related to them.
> Text in rectangles should represents  main attributes of nearby project.
> I would also like to draw bigger text or logos of projects that are very
> important (or enterprise ready...?).
> As you can see, it lacks lots of things (mostly because I draw it very quick
> and did not study every projects and every book about Pharo). But If  anybody
> have anything to contribute, I will be happy to include them to this map.
> Maybe it will be also better to create this picture through some visualization
> based on descriptive syntax of this hierarchy map (like mind-mapping) :)
> Have a nice day,
> Adam.

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