[Pharo-users] Fun with pillar and mustache

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Fri May 22 07:03:30 EDT 2015

>>   - we made some themes based on the one I made for dbxtalk, the one 
>> from stef's personal website and esug website.
>>   - we tried to push site configuration to the pillar.conf (title, 
>> menu/navigation information, author/contact info)
> I had a look at Cocoon but I'm not sure what purpose it serves. Maybe 
> I need to get to used to it.

This is to decouple the code managing the configuration parameter from 
Pier because we have different needs for Ecstatic
>>   - another thing we wanted to push was the writing of plugins for 
>> the moment taking benefit from the [[[eval=true]]]. We were thinking 
>> however on making a special annotation for it. We have two really 
>> simple stupid "plugins", one that shows a list of news/blog feed, one 
>> that generates a list of publications based on a bib file using citezen.
> YES! That is exactly what I was looking for. Something that can be 
> evaluated dynamically. That opens a wide range of possibilities.

but for web site you do not want to get somebody to hack your system.
So this is why we are defining pluggings.

>> I originally started this for the new dbxtalk site which is written 
>> basically in pillar.
>> http://dbxtalk.smallworks.eu/
>> You can see the source code of this site in here:
>> https://github.com/guillep/DBXTalk/tree/gh-pages
> Nice!
>> Of course, there you will notice a lot of *workarounds* to make it 
>> work. I've made a list of those workarounds and sent them to Cyril to 
>> see if we can have better support for them in pillar.
>> I'd be pleased if you contribute and push it :). We have this trello 
>> board to add ideas and manage our backlog
>> https://trello.com/b/2t7qTWpp/ecstatic
> Thanks. I think I'll find some time this weekend to see how your 
> project fits into my needs. I'll be happy nagging you about some things ;)

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