[Pharo-users] [ANN (Toy)]: Gold Rush

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Mon Feb 16 21:41:47 EST 2015

I was in a jewelry store, and I realized how hard it is to figure out the
markup on gold jewelry, so I did a little code kata...

Loads in 4.0 with:
    Gofer it
	smalltalkhubUser: 'SeanDeNigris' project: 'SeansPlayground';
	configurationOf: 'GoldRush';
    (#GoldRushSpecification asClass>>#testAcceptance) browse.

"You can describe a piece of jewelry like:"
	| ring |
	ring := GoldJewelry new
		weight: 4.1 grams;
		carats: 18;
		price: 275 dollars;

"And then see how much of a premium you're paying over the gold's melt value
	ring markup should equal: ring price - expectedGoldValue.
	ring percentOverSpot percent should equal: ring price / expectedGoldValue -

"If you inspect a GoldJewelry with GT Tools, you will see a special "Gold"
tab with the same calculated values (i.e. #markup  and #percentOverSpot)"

This was an interesting and fun test of Aconcagua, GT Tools, and Pharo 4.0

n.b. it pulls the gold spot price off the web, updating daily.

Have fun!

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