[Pharo-users] GSOC 2015 Call for Ideas

Serge Stinckwich serge.stinckwich at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 09:23:46 EST 2015

Dear pharoers,

this year Pharo consortium (and community) is going to take part in a
Google Summer of Code event[1] as a standalone organization. This is
an opportunity to promote Pharo, get some job done and have students

Currently we are at the most important stage as we are preparing the
organization application, and hoping that we will be accepted and
granted decent amount of project slots. Everyone can help with
application by submitting ideas for student projects.

Current list can be found at:

It is in STON format, and result is being generated at: http://gsoc.pharo.org/

Please add your ideas following the format of existing projects and
open a pull request with them (you will need a github account).
Preferably submit ideas with possible mentors, but if none are
available at the moment ideas without mentors are also welcome.

The template to submit projects is :

PharoTopic new
title: 'The name of your project;
contact: 'email address';
supervisors: 'Supervisors names';
keywords: 'keywords separated by spaces;
context: 'a description of the context of the project';
goal: 'description of the goal';
level: 'Beginner or Intermediate or Advanced';

We will need a lot of projects/idea before February 20th 2015, the
deadline for applying to GSOC 2015.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. Administrators of this year’s
application are Serge Stinckwich <serge.stinckwich at gmail.com> and
Yuriy Tymchuk <yuriy.tymchuk at me.com>

If you don't know how to edit the list, please send your project
following the template to the administrators.

[1]: https://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc2015

Serge Stinckwich
Every DSL ends up being Smalltalk

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