[Pharo-users] Downloading tweets

Arturo Zambrano arturo.zambrano at gmail.com
Thu May 22 21:39:00 EDT 2014

Hi All,
  you can now download some code for downloading tweets using REST and
Streaming Twitter APIs.
 It is far from complete but do the job we need for now.

 Besides tweets downloading you can also:
 - get users information.
 - retrieve the profile picture of users.
 - ask for the relationship of the two users

Please find attached some info regarding dependencies (no metacello config
for now), and manual login procedure for the first time you connect to

We will work on tests, completion and more practical documentation soon. At
the same time, when the visualization part of our Twitter thing is ready,
we will communicate it.

Thanks Rosario for her help, and Sven for advice on the streaming feature
of Zinc.

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