[Pharo-users] still failing test - spoiler/answer

Roelof Wobben r.wobben at home.nl
Mon Mar 31 02:12:59 EDT 2014

Ben Coman schreef op 31-3-2014 2:44:
> Ben Coman wrote:
>> Roelof Wobben wrote:
>>> Ben Coman schreef op 30-3-2014 20:12:
>>>> Roelof Wobben wrote:
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> I trying to make the make you own method work.
>>>>> So I first I added this :
>>>>> testShout
>>>>>   self assert: ('Don''t panic' shout = 'DON""T PANIC!')
>>>>> After that I added this as described in the book.
>>>>> shout
>>>>>   ^  self asUppercase. "!"
>>>>> But still the testrunner gives that there is a failing test on 
>>>>> testShout.
>>>>> Roelof
>>>> Rather than just feed you a fish, a little teaching how to fish :)
>>>> I would highlight and Inspect each side of the equals sign - so you 
>>>> can look at each string next to the other.  Two things to think about:
>>>> * commas versus periods
>>>> * different types of quote marks
>>>> I'll follow up with the answer in the next post.
>>>> cheers -ben
>>> Oke, I do not see it
>>> I have now this : self assert: ('Dont panic!' shout = 'DONT PANIC!')
>>> and for me it looks the same and still the test is failing.
>>> and the other part has changed to  ^ self asUppercase, '!'
>>> Roelof
>> This must be a little frustrating for you :)  but like a lot of 
>> things its a matter a "getting your eye in".
>> I hope you persist. You are almost there.  You've made an additional 
>> change to the left hand side. I think if you again Inspect both sides 
>> of equals sign and compare the results it should become clear.
>> Now as an additional learning task, the other way to "fish" is to use 
>> the debugger.  Highlight...
>>    'Dont panic!' shout
>> and from the context menu choose to Debug. Then step Into the #shout 
>> method.  Once the debugger has moved into the #shout method, 
>> highlight and Inspect the following...
>>    self
>>    self asUppercase
>>    self asUppercase, '!'
>> The precise answer is my next post.
>> cheers -ben
> You added an exclamation mark to the left hand side of the comparison 
> that was not there before, so presuably the left hand side ends up as 
> 'DONT PANIC!!' since the #shout method also appends an exclamation 
> mark using the comma operator.
> cheers -ben

Thanks for learning me how to fish.
You are right. I learn more this way then simply say where I went wrong.


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