[Pharo-users] still failing test

Ben Coman btc at openInWorld.com
Sun Mar 30 20:36:52 EDT 2014

Roelof Wobben wrote:
> Ben Coman schreef op 30-3-2014 20:12:
>> Roelof Wobben wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I trying to make the make you own method work.
>>> So I first I added this :
>>> testShout
>>>   self assert: ('Don''t panic' shout = 'DON""T PANIC!')
>>> After that I added this as described in the book.
>>> shout
>>>   ^  self asUppercase. "!"
>>> But still the testrunner gives that there is a failing test on 
>>> testShout.
>>> Roelof
>> Rather than just feed you a fish, a little teaching how to fish :)
>> I would highlight and Inspect each side of the equals sign - so you 
>> can look at each string next to the other.  Two things to think about:
>> * commas versus periods
>> * different types of quote marks
>> I'll follow up with the answer in the next post.
>> cheers -ben
> Oke, I do not see it
> I have now this : self assert: ('Dont panic!' shout = 'DONT PANIC!')
> and for me it looks the same and still the test is failing.
> and the other part has changed to  ^ self asUppercase, '!'
> Roelof
This must be a little frustrating for you :)  but like a lot of things 
its a matter a "getting your eye in".
I hope you persist. You are almost there.  You've made an additional 
change to the left hand side. I think if you again Inspect both sides of 
equals sign and compare the results it should become clear.

Now as an additional learning task, the other way to "fish" is to use 
the debugger.  Highlight...
    'Dont panic!' shout
and from the context menu choose to Debug. Then step Into the #shout 
method.  Once the debugger has moved into the #shout method, highlight 
and Inspect the following...
    self asUppercase
    self asUppercase, '!'

The precise answer is my next post.
cheers -ben

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