[Pharo-users] Am not sure if that is a good idea

Robert Shiplett grshiplett at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 16:55:51 EDT 2014

The MIT Curl debugger in their integrated IDE is for an expression-based
 and so your are able to "watch" expressions of your own devising as you
step through code - and drill down graphically into structured values such
as object instances ; there is now an eclipse "plug-in" version of the IDE
for SCSK Curl, but I am less fond of it !

I often wonder if the Rebol expression-based language might have been an
alternative to Perl it had an IDE,,bur Rebol got nowhere in the past ...
and Curl was using Regexp and still did not displace languages with no
debugger .. let alone Curl's "live" doc's which are much like Smalltalk
workspaces with Prof Stef but with a "save" and a "restore" ...  Noe Laurie
Pratt in London is working on an expression-baed language rather like Icon
but which is indent-sensitive like Python ( and so we go back to SNOBOL
80-column cards ?  ;-)

Regardless, I  still DO hold out hope for Smalltalk, especially Pharo !


On 11 March 2014 13:11, <btc at openinworld.com> wrote:

> Friedrich Dominicus wrote:
>> anyway. Has anyone considered adding filtering to the Debugger (in my
>> case the Glamorous Debugger) in a way that not all instance variables
>> values are shown in the value pane?
>> Well a kind of watch as in other debuggers. You just can "ask" to watch
>> e.g field firstName but not lastName or something like that. Even if I
>> try to keep the information down some classes still do have a lot of
>> elements (think of articles, which usually have at least some kind of
>> id, a description, a price tag, but also some other information (be it
>> internal or extenal for the programm)
> I still fondly remember the Watch window from Turbo Pascal 30 years ago.
>  You could also define expressions that updated every step so that you
> could drill down in data structures.  I don't know what that would mean in
> Smalltalk terms. I guess you'd have to be more careful those expression had
> no side effects, or otherwise copy the target object of each message before
> it is sent.
> cheers -ben
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