[Pharo-users] Tiling Window Manager in 3.0: working but still issues with WorldMorph

phil at highoctane.be phil at highoctane.be
Sat Mar 8 05:57:30 EST 2014

TWM works in 3.0 after some work on icons and updating menus.

Gofer new
smalltalkhubUser: 'LaurentLaffont' project: 'TilingWindowManager';

((Smalltalk at:#ConfigurationOfTilingWindowManager) project version: '3.0')

You can also use

((Smalltalk at:#ConfigurationOfTilingWindowManager) project version:
#development) load

but this will for sure change over time.

There is the World management icon which is still there and it looks like
it can create worlds but switching between them just breaks havoc.

Maybe should we just remove that feature from TWM as 3.0 doesn't seem to be
multiworld friendly.

Nothing done on tests nor themeing (which appears to be not that working
well in 3.0 either due to theming changes);

At least the thing is back :-) [I missed it...]

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