[Pharo-users] Configuration of Smalltalkhub

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Wed Mar 5 19:07:42 EST 2014

I have taken a look at the configuration of Smalltalkhub and started making some changes 
to make it work in Pharo 3. 
- added a new baseline, referring to smalltalkhub instead of squeaksource 
  and ConfigurationOfSeaside3 with newer versions. Couldn’t save it to the 
  repository though.
- the same changes needed to be made to ConfigurationOfKaliningrad 
- ConfigurationOfSeasideRest is recent, but still refers to an older Seaside
  when I used 0.22 with Seaside 3.1.0 the image was able to load and
  get to the point where it expects to connect to mongodb.

Remaining issues:
- 2 versions of Mongo-BSON (30,31), Mongo-Core (26,35) and Mongo-Squeak (12,13)
- 2 versions of Seaside-REST-Core (39, 52)

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