[Pharo-users] Package Dependencies Analysis : new features

Baptiste Quide baptiste.quide at inria.fr
Wed Jul 23 08:49:42 EDT 2014

Hello Pharos Users, 

Since the first release of Package Dependencies Analysis, here is a summary of improvements : 

- tool is available in World Menu (Tools > Package Dependencies Browser) : choose your packages and browse dependencies. 
- add/remove packages into the analysis. 
- you can refresh the current analysis manually (for instance if you change a piece of code to remove/add dependency) 
- filter the packages displaying by name 
- button "find cycles" allows to find all cycles in the system where the selected packages in the tree are (it could take a while the first time you click) 
- contextual menu (right click) to browse scoped dependencies or find cycles among the selected packages in the tree 

Then, in the window displaying cycles among packages : 

- only dependencies among packages in the cycle are displaying (no outgoing dependencies) 
- packages appear by order (if you see aCycle : A, B, C, the cycle is A -> B -> C -> A) 

See more details : http://www.baptistequide.fr/packagedependencies.php 


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