[Pharo-dev] [Mm10s] 2020-02-10

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 04:36:27 EST 2020

### Last week:

    * [objcbridge] finish migration of ObjCBridge to TFFI. Now everything works as expected, proxies
    inclusive (chich was absent before)
    * [spec2] fix a problem in the build of toolbars from commands (this one was new... it was
    working before).
    * [spec2] I spent some time figuring out what we need to fix the "sorted table+selection item"
    problem. Basically, selectedItem needs to be retrieved from sorted collection, not from original
    model. But this is problem because sorted collection lives in adapter part (or even worst on
    * Spec2: implement SpToolBarToggleButton
    * Spec2-doc: SpLabelPresenter
    * Spec2: bug: error mapping of $^ in gtk backend.
    * building a small tool to help me find image leaks. For now, is just a simpler way to visualise
    amount of instances (no graphics, just numbers). I may add other stuff later. It can be found at 
    https://github.com/estebanlm/WAMO (WAMO=Where Are My Objects)
    * [newtools] I added some settings to change the default toolbar display mode. I like small
    icons, Stef likes big ones... like this we are all happy :)
    * [big images] testing different heuristics to make a big image (and killing my machine in the

### This week

    * More on work on speed up of big images (finish migration to notebook morph, start looking improvements on senders/implementors)
    * Work on idle vm
    * Spec2: work on dynamic layouts
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