[Pharo-dev] methods not registered in packages?

Tudor Girba tudor at tudorgirba.com
Sun Feb 9 02:15:17 EST 2020


While trying to measure the size of code, I stumbled across an interesting problem: it seems that some methods have a package, but the package does not list.

packagedMethods := RPackageOrganizer default packages flatCollect: #methods.
methods := ProtoObject withAllSubclasses flatCollect: #methods.
diff := methods \ packagedMethods.
diff size.

Looking at bit closer, it looks like the methods do have a package and that they point to the package that is in the package organizer, so that is good:

diff select: [ :each | each package isNil ]
"an OrderedCollection()".

diff select: [ :each | (RPackageOrganizer default packages includes: each package) not ].
"an OrderedCollection()”

However, when we ask the package, it does not know about the method:

diff select: [ :each | each package methods includes: each ]
"an OrderedCollection()”

Is this a known problem or should I open an issue (I did not find a bug report for it)?



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