Bug 18632 : Virtual Machine parameters need to be documented

Benoit St-Jean bstjean at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 6 06:44:13 EST 2020

I was looking for some documentation on VM parameters (are they read, 
read-write or write only as well as the expected argument type) and came 
across that issue on the old FogBugz database.


I tried looking it up on GitHub but couldn't find it.  Am I missing 
something or I should open an issue?  I'm working on something related 
to various memory settings and not having any info on a lot of these 
parameters doesn't help.  While I could meticulously read tons of C code 
of the VM and pinpoint exactly what I need to know for each and everyone 
of these undocumented parameters, I'd gladly do it myself if any of the 
VM guys (Clément, Pablo, Alexandre or Eliot) have notes/documents/links 
that could help me do it.


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