[Pharo-dev] [Mm10s] 2019-11-25

Steven Costiou steven.costiou at kloum.io
Thu Nov 28 05:29:30 EST 2019

### Last week: 

- halt/breakpoint manager in the spec debugger: see all halt/breakpoints
and (de)activate them in one click. When deactivated, a halt/breakpoint
just prints a log message in the Transcript. 

- Pharo IOT book writing 

### This week (starting 2019-11-25): 

- Pharo IOT book writing 

- add a "watch variable" window in the debugger to track variables
during debugging 

### Pipeline 

- Pharo IOT book 

- Enhancing the spec debugger: better breakpoint support, adding missing
features (menus, options), fixing bugs 

- Integrating object-centric debugging in the spec2 tools 

- Writing a chapter/documentation about the Pharo debugger 
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