[Pharo-dev] BlueInk removal

ducasse stepharo at netcourrier.com
Wed Nov 27 15:31:07 EST 2019


there is no deprecation for classes: yes I would have to subclass each class and provide old classes.
Sorry but *****I******* repackaged, cleaned the tests, cleaned the baseline, made sure that the baseline is working …. of 
	- GTRecorder (not used in Pharo since 3 YEARS).
	- Enlumineur

And I do not have nor the time or energy at the end of the day to do that in addition
to do all the deprecation and of course fix all the dependencies tests. 

Now if your message is that Pharo should stay with all that shit inside then perfect, I’m off. 
I have plenty of other things (and a lot more exciting to do). 

BTW I THE GUY THAT IS PRODUCING MIGRATOR: you see the idiot that is collecting all the deprecated methods
and packaged them so that OTHERS than me can migrate. 

So now for Blueink then you take 5 min and change your scripts. 
So GTEvent recorder you ask alex or milton to see if we can get rid of the problem.

I do not see why Moose is loading Roassal with it. 
To me this is a bad dependency of Roassal.

If Pharo puts on itself so much constraints then at the end may be I should stop and do something and see
how great this super kitchen sink will evolved. 

Have you ever dare to look at the BaselineOfPharo, IDE just for the fun. 

>> Yes, this could have been handled much better, I guess (I don't know the details).
>> But for day to day work, you have to use Pharo 7, which should be 100% stable, while Pharo 8 is a moving target, an alpha version that is sometimes broken.
> Hi,
> I agree that the alpha version does not have to be stable all the
> time, but I still don't think it justify to not deprecate things.
> When you are working on stable version only, it is still better to be
> able to migrate your projects from one version to the other via the
> deprecation than to have everything broken and not loadable.
> If you can't even load your code, it's much harder to fix it. So I
> still think that we should go via deprecations. It has really a low
> cost and make migrations so much easier. Especially it give us time
> instead of giving us an ultimatum "You want to change of version? Then
> you need to fix everything now".
>> Now, we still want users for Pharo 8, else there will be no feedback, so there are certainly two sides to this argument.
>> Sven
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> Cyril Ferlicot
> https://ferlicot.fr

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