[Pharo-dev] BlueInk removal

ducasse stepharo at netcourrier.com
Wed Nov 27 15:21:22 EST 2019

> On 27 Nov 2019, at 14:05, Cyril Ferlicot <cyril.ferlicot at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 6:29 PM ducasse <stepharo at netcourrier.com> wrote:
>> Cyril
>> We are crawling with too many things.
>> Pharo should start to lose fat FOR REAL.
>> I really hope that we will get rid of lot of old code in the future.
>> If Enlumineur does not work when we integrate it - I just issue a PR
>> then you will have a good case for reintegrating and having two formatter, two contexts classes,
>> two packages full of nearly the same but not quite tests.
> Yes but deprecation give us time to migrate.
> Now I cannot work on Moose because the dev version is broken since
> Roassal depends on GTEventRecorder and it was removed without
> deprecation.

ok sorry I do not get why roassal depends on event recorder.

> It's the second day in a row where I cannot work properly. And I don't
> know when Moose will be fixed because I don't know the code of roassal
> and I cannot fix it myself. So I have to wait that someone else fixes
> it.

Sure but Pharo is alpha. If in alpha we cannot do this can of things then 
I prefer to do something else. 

> I understand that we want Pharo to be smaller but here it prevent
> people from working. And the size of those projects is nothing
> compared to the global size of Pharo and we are assured to be able to
> remove them just after the release of Pharo 8.

No because I spent my time cleaning and moving GTRecorder out of Pharo 
and the same for BlueInk. 

Now I’m sorry but this is not my fault if 
	- you work in alpha
	- roassal depends on old projects

I’m fed up to have a system full of shit and abandonware. 
I’m fed up to have tons of user of global everywhere that I do not want to fix. 
I’m fed up cleaning the mess of others. 


>> S.
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> Cyril Ferlicot
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