[Pharo-dev] DrTest - strange UI effect and some feedback

ducasse stepharo at netcourrier.com
Fri Nov 22 03:45:49 EST 2019


I like inversion because sometimes this is faster to click on the things you do not want. 
We will have to check the cmd+A because on some lists it is not working. 

>> 2. The old TestRunner had (after filtering the package) an additional useful context menu
>>    with "Select all" and "Select none", "Select inversion", .... which allowed
>>    easier focusing on the test classes I want to check.
>>    Would be nice if a similar one could be added.
> For "Select all" it is possible to do it via Cmd+A or Ctrl+A, as it is the standard for list selection in UI frameworks.
> For the "Select none" I am not sure that we want to support that action because it feels a bit odd. Why would one want to have nothing selected? But if one can justify why this is needed, we can add it of course.
> "Select inversion" could be added but again I think this is a bit odd feature.
> Now you have to know that DrTests is a side project for me and for right now I can not allocate that much time on it.
> So I will do my best to fix urgent issues ASAP. I already have a great list of issues since the integration (which is normal). :-)

Thanks for your time julien. 

> However, until next friday, I am in a rush for another deadline.

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