[Pharo-dev] two issues: GC and wrong pointers

Tudor Girba tudor at tudorgirba.com
Mon Nov 11 06:57:40 EST 2019


During our work we encountered two issues we think should be considered critical.

The first is that the garbage collector is unreliable on larger images:
We stumble on this when we manipulate larger pieces of data quite consistently in plain Pharo (7 or 8). We lack the knowledge of how to approach it, but we would happily pair and try to reproduce it with someone.

The second one is that the sources contain wrong pointers, and this makes it hard to work with TFFI:
This is already marked as important. We spent quite some time investigating this, especially in the context of TFFI, and we would be happy to pair to work through it.

Would anyone be available for a collaboration in the following days?



"Not knowing how to do something is not an argument for how it cannot be done."

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