[Pharo-dev] Horizontal scrolling in FastTable

ducasse stepharo at netcourrier.com
Thu Nov 7 14:52:35 EST 2019

thanks danil esteban is working on FastTable right now. 
So I imagine that he will have a look at your enh. 
Could you open a bug entry and issue a PR so that it does not get lost in email?


> On 7 Nov 2019, at 17:53, Danil Osipchuk <danil.osipchuk at gmail.com> wrote:
> As a followup, attached is a changeset for Pharo8 with a simple implementation of horizontal scrolling. I tried to keep it minimal.
> It adds startColumnIndex var to FTTableContainerMorph which is being set when  FTTableContainerMorph>>adjustToHorizontalScrollBarValue: is triggered.
> The  main change is in #calculateColumnWidths - it starts distributing space width from the startColumnIndex to ensure this area gets most visibility. If startColumnIndex is 0, it reverts to old (current) behavior - trying to draw columns starting from the first one as space permits.
> The scrolling thus jumps to a beginning of the column and I'm not particularly proud of the thing, but it is better then nothing and suits my immediate needs. So may be it is worth a look for those who are interested.
> To try one can use an example:
> FTExamples exampleTableHorizontalScroll
> Or even set trialHSB := true in FTTableMorth>>initialize (like I have to enable it everywhere by default)
> (as a side note the list is very quiet, compared to what it used to be years ago)
> пн, 4 нояб. 2019 г. в 14:14, Danil Osipchuk <danil.osipchuk at gmail.com <mailto:danil.osipchuk at gmail.com>>:
> Hi all
> I wonder what is happening to the horizontal scrolling in FastTable, the stub is there for years (I've checked the latest 8.0).
> I need it rather badly, could someone advise what is the hindrance there? I would try doing it myself, but I've never was doing much of UI programming and only recently returned to Pharo again, so have to catch up (a lot of things changed for good).
> How difficult would be to adopt vertical scrolling approach (which seems to be the same problem already solved to layperson )
> horizontalScrollBarValue: aNumber
> trialHSB ifNotNil: [ 
> self inform: 'FTTableMorph>>#horizontalScrollBarValue: ', aNumber printString , String cr, 
> 'Does nothing yet.' , String cr, 'Need some advise here.'
> ].
> regards,
>   Danil
> <FastTableHorizontalScrolling.cs>

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