[Pharo-dev] Pharo 7 Release Update

Sabine Manaa manaa.sabine at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 04:21:48 EST 2019

I am happy about this, too. Thank you!

I just tested it with my config and can confirm that zinc loads correct.
But the other problem (I remember other had this, too) remains:

after loading, I have an empty debugger with "Instances of Process did not
understand #isValid"
Anyone having this, too?
I can close this debugger and everything seems fine but I just want to


Am Di., 5. Nov. 2019 um 08:43 Uhr schrieb Sven Van Caekenberghe <
sven at stfx.eu>:

> Hi,
> As reported (by Jonathan and checked by me), the launcher now creates an
> Pharo 7.0 images from version Pharo7.0.4 build: 172, commit: ecc855d. This
> build correctly loads the Zinc baseline !
> This is very good news. Thanks again Pablo.
> Now this version has to be released so that it is served by the ZeroConf
> tools (get.pharo.org), which is a manual process, IIUC.
> Do we have to go to 7.0.5 ?
> Can someone do the necessary steps please ?
> Sven
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