[Pharo-dev] Horizontal scrolling in FastTable

Danil Osipchuk danil.osipchuk at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 06:14:21 EST 2019

Hi all

I wonder what is happening to the horizontal scrolling in FastTable, the
stub is there for years (I've checked the latest 8.0).
I need it rather badly, could someone advise what is the hindrance there? I
would try doing it myself, but I've never was doing much of UI programming
and only recently returned to Pharo again, so have to catch up (a lot of
things changed for good).

How difficult would be to adopt vertical scrolling approach (which seems to
be the same problem already solved to layperson )

horizontalScrollBarValue: aNumber
trialHSB ifNotNil: [
self inform: 'FTTableMorph>>#horizontalScrollBarValue: ', aNumber
printString , String cr,
'Does nothing yet.' , String cr, 'Need some advise here.'

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