[Pharo-dev] make github issues clearer?

Hernán Morales Durand hernan.morales at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 01:16:36 EST 2019

This is it.

Finally this problem is spotted. It's been years since I read a Pharo issue
because of their targeted "narrative" to a bunch of 5 - 10 people who share
a daily operational knowledge. This is more severe with the VM front.

Other communities, like R, use a lot minimum reproducible example (MRE). So
nothing new should be invented here, if Pharo just could adopt one of the
standard practices...



El mar., 29 oct. 2019 a las 8:56, Torsten Bergmann (<astares at gmx.de>)

> +1000
> I've seen this several times that issues where just a short title only
> "wizards" were able to understand
> The "Full description requires time" is not an argument here. We all
> should get more professional
> and disciplined here - so anyone is able to reproduce and understand what
> an issue is about. This will
> also increase the trust into Pharo and its dev process...
> Bye
> T.
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