[Pharo-dev] FW: Versioning with Iceberg

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Fri May 31 08:18:29 EDT 2019

May I suggest that you ask clear questions if you want to engage nice people to help you.


That sounds reasonable.  Which questions weren’t clear?


Now we as a community will not use Monticello/smalltalkhub anymore 


Then officially Monticello is deprecated?


We are all moving to git and iceberg is really nicely working. Iceberg will get a bit more love in the future in Pharo 80. 


I’m looking forward to it.  


Now we spent around 1.5 years to build it and the 450 pharo packages are managed with Iceberg

and many other projects so it works. We will probably improve iceberg again. 



We will try to make sure that we can still load MC package but since MC package are merely

zipped files you will be able to load them by loading the st file.  


Or should we just organize MC/zipping/unzipping abilities under Iceberg, and call it the one-stop source management tool for Pharo and all Smalltalks that want to interact with it?  Is that the slow drift?


Now this is not Pharo fault if you load a project that did not create a stable version of Pharo7.0.


Sure, but I’m crashing the VM, not hurting any project’s code in the image.


If a baseline says “load latest version” then why iceberg would load only Pharo 70 version?


I don’t recall the “load latest version” qualifier.


So now you can get frustrated and confused. 

But did you read the booklet on how to manage code in Pharo70?  <http://books.pharo.org> books.pharo.org


Which book are you referring to here?



Did you check the wiki and the documentation? 


Yes, some.  I’m thinking it’s Smalltalk and shouldn’t be that hard in any case.   But there is a lot of Git here, and that is complicating things somewhat. 




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