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I’m finding 7.0.3 to be more stable.  


How do I load a specific baseline/version with Iceberg?  I’m getting 8.0 by default from the cloned local repo, and I prefer not to merge 7.0.3 with 8.0.  There are many differences.  I want to commit my image changes locally for now on a 7.0.3.



Is this what you need... ?


Yes, this seems to describe my confusing scenario exactly.  Thanks.


The thought is:   Pharo 3.0.7 knows that it is version 3.0.7.  Why then is Iceberg fetching by default version 8.0 from the Git repo?  This destroys your confidence in the versioning system or, in my case, in the Pharo install itself, because I chose non-default folders, and am still wondering whether this is an issue.  Can the handler of the installer of Pharo Launcher perhaps do an install to non-default folders, and test this idea.   Can we tweak the installer of Pharo Launcher so that it will allow installation outside the user-account folder, without having first to create a folder under Program Files (x86) and add permissions?  


I’ve managed to crash the VM twice, with both Pharo 8 and Pharo 3.0.7, just by cloning a Git repo via Iceberg, and then by using Iceberg to fetch a version.   Sometime during those calculations/comparisons, the VM crashed.  I also used Iceberg to delete the pharo repo at several points, in order to start the exercise over.  It worked, but Pharo was un-responsive in a tight synchronous thread during this operation, and there was no indication that anything sane was happening, not even a wait cursor.   I’m wondering why we choose to leave the user wondering for long stretches (many minutes during the Iceberg/Git repo delete and 1 to 2 minutes during the earlier 20-odd-package delete) what is happening inside his Smalltalk image.  Can someone explain the no-wait-cursor default in Pharo GUIs?


Can someone look at the .dmp file I attached to the e-mail describing the first VM crash, and tell me what he thinks happened?  I saw mentions of a stack overflow.  I still have the .dmp file from the second VM crash with Pharo 3.0.7, if anyone wants to see it.




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