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On Wed, 29 May 2019 at 23:08, Shaping <shaping at uurda.org <mailto:shaping at uurda.org> > wrote:

I’m finding 7.0.3 to be more stable.  


How do I load a specific baseline/version with Iceberg?  I’m getting 8.0 by default from the cloned local repo, and I prefer not to merge 7.0.3 with 8.0.  There are many differences.  I want to commit my image changes locally for now on a 7.0.3.



Its not completely clear what you want.  


You can right-click a repo > Metacello > Install baseline of.....

Or right-click a repo > Repository > Remotes 
and select one of those branches to check out.


I missed the Repository item completely, all this time.  I think I was blocking it out mentally because I was already in an Iceberg window that lists repos.  The doubling up is confusing and unexpected.   So we have Iceberg repos wrapping Git repos?  I’m not sure I have the scheme right.


Why don’t we have the usual wait-cursors appearing on long synchronous actions behind button clicks?  These lock up the system for 1 or 2 minutes often.  For example, I deleted 20-odd packages the other day and waited 2 minutes for it to finish, wondering why the system was completely unresponsive and showing no indication (no histo; no wait cursor).  This happens when cloning a Git repo, too.  The histo opens about ½ second before the about 1-m pull finishes.  This happened in the 7.0.3 build.  Is there a policy not to use a wait-cursor if not histo is shown?




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