[Pharo-dev] VM crash in Pharo 8.0 during save

Shaping shaping at uurda.org
Wed May 29 09:20:51 EDT 2019


I made a few cosmetic changes (labels in Calypso).  They were working fine.  But they were not showing up in Iceberg as changes at some point.  


I’d done some earlier tests with Iceberg, and was able to make dummy-method changes, and commit to the local GitHub repo.  Everything seemed to work.  At some indeterminate point, the changes I made were no longer showing in Iceberg.  Further, when I would save, the image would save and quit automatically without actually saving.  I’d relaunch, reapply the changes in the change set (Epicea), and re-save with the same results. When I tried Save As… instead, I got the above crash.


Also, after relaunch and on reapply, I noticed I was needing to proceed thru deprecated methods to get to a point where I could confirm all changes.  AbstractListPresenter>>menu: is the deprecated method.  It is hit 3 times after relaunch by the time I get to confirm the changes.


The only unusual thing about this install is that I decided to put all on the RAID, not in Documents on the system drive.   I had to premake the install folder in Program Files (x86), take ownership,  and add permissions to get the install to work (to write files to the  folder).  (I would like the installer to be more graceful about installing to any folder on Windows.  Can we make it so?)  Can’t run the .msi installer as admin and actually install.  It brings up the command line options instead. As far as I can find, there are no Pharo-related files left in the user account/Documents area.   


I see something in the attached .dmp about a stack overflow.


I would enter this bug at https://pharo.fogbugz.com/, but I’m not sure it would get quick attention there.




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