[Pharo-dev] Calypso idea - inherited tests

Guillermo Polito guillermopolito at gmail.com
Wed May 29 04:22:43 EDT 2019

Hi Ben,

> El 29 may 2019, a las 3:46, Ben Coman <btc at openinworld.com> escribió:
> (Just a quick share from work before that neuron goes back to sleep and I forget it...)
> When a number of domain substitute classes need to satisfy the same tests,
> its useful to define these in a superclass and have subclasses define which domain class is being tested e.g. TestDelaySemaphoreSchedulerMmicrosecondTeicker>>classForScheduler.

For a more complex scenario (but applying to this one too), we use in Spec and Iceberg parametrizable tests.
Parametrizable tests define a matrix of values and then create dynamically 1 test case per configuration in the matrix.
Still these matrixes do not yet have IDE support.

Julien and Dayné have in their roadmap to make an integration with DrTests

> From the Browser "all tests" can be run for each subclass by clicking the class's test-icon,
> but when that goes red, its not visible which individual test failed, and you can't run an individual test from the Browser.

Yes, I’ve seen this. I run the tests in the TestRunner as a workaround myself.

> In the same way that extension methods are shown in gray, it would be useful 
> for inherited tests to be shown in gray, so each has an individual indication and can be run separately.
> cheers -ben

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