[Pharo-dev] DNU Create button auto extension category

Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Sat May 11 13:07:00 EDT 2019

Currently when a DNU occurs we get this cool <Create> button,
but when this presents the dialog "New Protocol Name" I get a blank
list and the default is "as yet unclassified" and I end up with a heap
of such unclassified methods to sort later.

I am wondering if it could be smarter when tests are being run.  A
reasonable assumption could be that the test's package name is closely
related to the likely extension package name.
So for a DNU, I wonder if the debugger could walk the stack to
discover if a TestCase subclass was on the stack (e.g. MyTestCase) and
then determine which package MyTestCase belonged to, and present that
as a choice for "New Protocol Name", helping categorize extension

I've started to play like this...

TestCase subclass: #MyTestRoot

MyTestRoot >> runCase
    [ super runCase ]
        on: MessageNotUnderstood
        do: [ :ex |
              "do something here, but for now..."
               ex pass

but before getting to deep, I'm seeking suggestions/solutions from the

cheers -ben

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