[Pharo-dev] Metacello/Iceberg detached head of cascade loaded requirements

Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Sat May 11 04:39:11 EDT 2019

I have a query about "Detached HEAD" status after a Metacello/Iceberg
cascade load of required packages.  Starting with the general questions...
  Is that a common status for this scenario?
  How to leave the status looking good as "Up to date"?

Here is a case example...
To avoid the a Filetree repo "filename too long" error on Windows,
I pre-cloned the repo to specify s shorter path name...
   Repositories > Add > Clone from github.com
       Owner: dionisiydk
       Project name: Mocketry
       Local directory: C:\Temp\Mocketry
       Protocol: SSH

Then in Playground evaluated...
  Metacello new
     baseline: 'Mocketry';
     repository: 'github://dionisiydk/Mocketry';

This cascade loaded Ghost and StateSpecs repos leaving them
with a status of "Detached HEAD".
What does this mean?
And how to have these load cleanly so they are left "Up to date" ?

To ease others testing on Windows, I forked the repo and converted to Tonel,
so the same result comes by just evaluating....
Metacello new
  baseline: 'Mocketry';
  repository: 'github://bencoman/Mocketry';

cheers -ben

P.S. I've issued a PR upstream for the Tonel conversion.

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