[Pharo-dev] naming convention for pharo-vm/lib/pharo/* directory?

Alistair Grant akgrant0710 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 13:41:57 EST 2019

Hi Dale,

On Fri, 25 Jan 2019 at 22:10, Dale Henrichs
<dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com> wrote:
> Thanks, Nicolas (and Sven),
> VM search path is what I am looking for (UFFI external modules) and I am curious whether or not this path `pharo-vm/lib/pharo/5.0-201806281256` is constant or variable for the various Pharo versions or does it vary based on the vm version/build number ... pharo6.0 and pharo.1 appear to have the same path ... haven't looked at Pharo7.0 ... and hopefully the path is the same for mac and unix or does it vary ... I don't have a mac to readily test on:)
> The bash script that copies my unix/mac .so/.dylib files will be run immediately after the image and vm have been downloaded so I won't be running the image itself (unless I have to). Currently, the download, installation and build of the pharo client for GemStone is built by a bash script...
> I'm going to assume for now that the gci libraries will be shoveled into the pharo-vm/lib/5.0-* directory until someone gives me a more definitive answer...

pharo-vm/lib/5.0-* will probably work for any VM that is distributed
through files.pharo.org, but may not be true for custom built VMs,

Installed via zero-conf:

$ vm/pharo --version | grep plugin
plugin path: /home/alistair/pharo7/pharo64.36/vm/pharo-vm/lib/pharo/5.0-201901051900
[default: /home/alistair/pharo7/pharo64.36/vm/pharo-vm/lib/pharo/5.0-201901051900/]

vs built locally:

$ vm.01/pharo --version | grep plugin
plugin path: vm.01/lib/pharo/5.0-201901040101 [default:

Parsing the output of pharo --version is probably the best bet.


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