[Pharo-dev] Availability of Smallapack in Pharo6.0

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 18:33:55 EST 2019

I announce the availability of Smallapack in Pharo6.

The ConfigurationOfSmallapack is in
http://www.squeaksource.com/MetacelloRepository and there is a copy in meta
repo for Pharo 3/4/5/6.

Currently, the ported version uses a derivative of OpalCompiler patched to
handle method with 16+ arguments.
External function calls have not been converted yet to UnifiedFFI, but the
patched compiler rather has hook to compile legacy FFI.
Though I did not install the hook to call FFI with more than 15 arguments,
so there is at least 1 unit test failing (but not crashing).

I have auto-re-generated all the source code for using UnifiedFFI formats,
so the dependency on legacy FFI is not a necessity (apart for simplifying
cross dialect maintenance).

But I want to review the generated code method by method rather than filing
it in blindly (the wrapper functions are also generated, and I might loose
comments or improvments if I'm careless). Unfortunately, the state of diff
tools in Pharo6, be it thru MC or worse than all, thru legacy change lists,
does not enable such a large scale review, so I think that I will edit in
Squeak and run in Pharo...

Now that Smallapack supports Opal, there should be no major problem for
porting to Pharo7, but I did not have time to try yet. A few more MC
regressions, and the fact to forbid protocol beginning with a * was too
serious a cross compatibility hurdle for me. But I'll come back to it,
tools are generally better in ph7 than ph6. Stay tuned.
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