[Pharo-dev] Lazy File Opening in FileHandle

Martin McClure martin at hand2mouse.com
Thu Jan 3 18:26:25 EST 2019

Hi Reg,

It looks to me like the lazy opening functionality is unused in Pharo 7, 
and is not reachable when using the  documented "new" API. (Somewhat 
oddly, one of the more complete documentations of what's recommended 
seems to be the class comment of the deprecated class FileStream.)

Lazy opening is rather odd conceptually, and doesn't seem to meet the 
principle of least surprise, so I'd think deprecating it would be 



On 1/2/19 9:15 AM, Reg Krock wrote:
> Guille,
> In FileHandle there is a concept of a lazy file opening in
> 	FileHandle>>#at:read:startingAt:count
> 	FileHandle>>#at:write:startingAt:count
> where the method FileHandle>>#assureOpen is called.
> Based on out previous conversations I believe that this concept is to be deprecated.
> Can you please confirm.
> Regards,
> Reg

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