[Pharo-users] New book: Pharo with Style

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Tue Jan 1 21:57:56 EST 2019

Pharo Smalltalk Developers mailing list wrote
> Including what the method does, even when the code is fairly simple
> (OK, not getter / setter methods), is still useful.

Yes, but... there is no free lunch. While there may be a benefit when the
code and comment are freshly written and in sync, they are duplication which
smells whether code or comment and it is all too easy for the code to be
patched without updating the comment. Now that minor speedup turns into a
more significant slowdown when a user blindly follows the now-wrong comment.
This possibility is made more likely be the fact that a stale comment will
not be picked up by the testing framework.

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