[Pharo-dev] [Ann] Iceberg 0.7.5

Guillermo Polito guillermopolito at gmail.com
Thu May 3 11:16:30 EDT 2018

Time for the weekly Iceberg update.

Iceberg 0.7.5. will be in the next Pharo build.
Thanks to all brave users, issue reporters and contributors :).

Key improvements:
 - Several improvements in metacello integration. (see #625, #664, #688 +
more tests)
 - For those using CI, we think this release will also fix

Infrastructure improvements:
 - In 0.7.4 we introduced in the build tests againt pharo 6.1 and 64 bits
   * https://travis-ci.org/pharo-vcs/iceberg/builds/372408795
 - In 0.7.5 all iceberg tests run green on Pharo 6.1 32 bits
   * https://travis-ci.org/pharo-vcs/iceberg/builds/374433920
 - In the next release we plan to do a pass on 64 bits

** Pharo 6.1 backport **
 - We plan to backport this version to Pharo 6.1
 - Cyril has been using the development version of Iceberg on Pharo 6.1 for
a couple of weeks now.
 - This plus the green CI encourages us to backport to Pharo 6.1

Detailed ChangesLog:

#625 Non explicit error while loading a project
#758 [Regression] Repair action clone is not setting pharo repository
#756 Iceberg dev-0.7 is broken in Pharo6.1 (Instance of IceTipURLLabelMorph
did not understand #addEmphasis:)
#749 Adding repair actions to the code subdirectory missing problem
#655 Rename extension method buildToolbarItem of CommandActivator
#755 Extracting the URL label behavior as a component that we can reuse
#468 Commiting via Iceberg does not commit package removal
#750 Add possibility to see current commit in Repositories/Package view
#754 Showing and coping the Commit ID
#753 Create branch dialog layout is broken
#664 Package wrongly shown with "uncommited changes" status
#752 Add "invalid ssh"
#747 Cloning a Git repository should change the path with the project name.
#738 Remove "pharo" Repository with "also remove from filesystem" gives
#746 Make tests run on pharo 6
#735 Issue while registering a new project on Pharo 6.1
#733 Add license file
#740 Fogbugz panel: Improve label, focus order and layout
#549 IceRestoreRepositoryModel should have a class comment
#688 Duplicated project error when loading in a fresh image

Guille in behalf of all people that contributed :)
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