[Pharo-dev] Application entrypoints

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Thu Dec 13 10:24:31 EST 2018

Actually - kind of related, how does one know how to reset a framework like Seaside, or Zinc etc.

I’ve been thinking about proposing frameworks should have a #reset like pragma and then the system menu could find them and show the reset menu for all frameworks that provide it. I think applications could do a similar thing - have an #applicationStart pragma and then there could be an applications menu that listed them all in a convenient menu.


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> On 13 Dec 2018, at 08:38, nanqueti <nicolas.anquetil at inria.fr> wrote:
> we could also use the "script:" annotation, and the system browser
> could show it at the class level (it already shows at the method level)
> nicolas
>> On Thu, 2018-12-13 at 10:40 +0800, Ben Coman wrote:
>> A question was asked on discord... "I know how to start the lights
>> out example, 
>> and feed my objects test data with the testing framework, but how
>> does one start 
>> something like ChineseCheckers? How does one find the entry point? 
>> Is there a convention on naming a starting place?"
>> I remember having similar thoughts when starting in Pharo.
>> One convention I have seen is that amongst all the classes presumably
>> prefixed "CC"
>> one class would stand out being named for the application without the
>> prefix. 
>> e.g. class "ChineseCheckers".  That is only a narrow chance for a
>> namespace conflict,
>> the the risk still remains.
>> I suggested another path would have a package tag "Application" 
>> (i.e. "ChineseCheckers-Application") that contains a single class 
>> which has an #open method on the class-side.
>> The tag "Application" sorts high up on the package-tags and is self-
>> descriptive.
>> But I've not seen that used before, so while I think its a good idea,
>> its not really a convention. 
>> Conventions are only useful if they are broadly understood.
>> So I'm wondering what other things people do to draw attention to
>> their application entry points.  
>> cheers -ben
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> Nicolas Anquetil
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