[Pharo-dev] Problem loading a branch of my pharo fork in an image

Thomas Dupriez tdupriez at ens-paris-saclay.fr
Thu Dec 13 10:18:59 EST 2018


I loaded a branch of my pharo fork in an image using iceberg, but the 
method I was interested in did not change for some reason (my branch's 
latest commit changes this method, but these changes were not visible in 
the image I loaded my branch in).

Does someone has an idea of what could have happened? Did I do something 

Here's what I did step-by-step if that helps:

- fresh pharo 7 image
- open iceberg
- repair repository "pharo"
- Clicked "Clone again this repository"
- Chose "Clone remote repository", and put the url of my pharo fork: 
- ok
- wait for loading bar to complete
- pharo repo is marked as "Fetch required. Unknown 67dc1e8"
- repair repository "pharo"
- chose "Discard local changes and checkout an existing branch"
- chose the branch "BreakpointBrowser" from the "origin" remote
- Clicked "checkout" on the checkout preview window
- wait for loading bar to complete
- browse the method WorldState class>>debugOn:
- It is different from the last commit I made to this branch 

Thomas Dupriez

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