[Pharo-dev] LibC system pops up a CMD.exe window in Windows 10 (Pharo 6.1)

Christopher Fuhrman christopher.fuhrman at inria.fr
Mon Dec 10 05:46:27 EST 2018


My Git data mining API in Pharo 6.1 uses "LibC uniqueInstance system: 'some
commands'" which has an annoying side effect of popping up a window (which
steals the GUI focus in Windows 10). Maybe it's the same on MacOS and Linux?

As such, I can't use my Windows PC to do anything else when the mining
process is running (it can take several minutes). I'm not able to use
Pharo's OSProcess or OSSubprocess because they don't support Windows (yet?).

I tried creating a separate Windows Desktop (feature of Windows 10), but
the CMD.EXE window manages to pop up there, too - almost seems like a
windows bug.

Does anyone know of a way to have the LibC window not pop up?


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