[Pharo-dev] Bloc Feedback

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Mon Oct 23 20:04:01 EDT 2017

Tudor Girba-2 wrote
> Thanks for the feedback!

But of course! Thanks for pushing Bloc :) IMHO a clean low-level graphics
framework is the linchpin to unleash a tremendous amount of creativity in
the Pharo community. I have several dream projects that I placed on
long-term hold after getting stuck in Morphic quicksand :/

Tudor Girba-2 wrote
>> - How would one do e.g. a ticking clock in Bloc? The only possibly
>> relevant
>> example I see is BlAnimatedCursor. Is that a typical usage? One thing
>> that
>> I'm not sure how to translate to a BlElement is that the cursor seems to
>> be
>> responsible for starting and stopping the animation via #activateOn:,
>> which
>> doesn't exist for an element. How would one prevent an element's
>> animation
>> from continuing to run after a space was closed?
> What do you mean?

I guess I mean what is the Bloc version of #step that would enable us to do
e.g. Squeak's mouse-eyes-tracking-the-cursor or Lively Kernel's clock:

Tudor Girba-2 wrote
>> - BlElement has 278 instance-side methods. A frequent battle cry against
>> Morphic was the bloated Morph class with 899. Definitely an improvement,
>> but
>> are we "there yet”?
> What do you mean?

Is there a consensus on a maximum number of instance-side methods before a
class becomes impossible to understand, and if so where does BlElement fall
on that scale?

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