[Pharo-dev] Some french forgotten in QualityAssistant

Pavel Krivanek pavel.krivanek at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 12:04:10 EDT 2017

But "critique" IS English (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critique). "Critic"
is a person who makes critique. Actually, the Quality Assistant is
developed by people from Ukraine and they discovered that they did this
mistake too and they needed to rename all occurrences of the world "critic"
to "critique".

-- Pavel

2017-10-22 17:45 GMT+02:00 casimiro barreto <casimiro.barreto at gmail.com>:

> The packages of QualityAssistant in the catalog browser have some
> 'critique' instead of 'critic'. That causes some trouble. Look at
> ReSingleCritiqueEvent...
> Just saying...
> --
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