[Pharo-dev] Loading GToolkit is broken in latest 7

stephan stephan at stack.nl
Thu Oct 19 06:21:36 EDT 2017

On 19-10-17 12:05, Alistair Grant wrote:

> I've hit exactly the same issue.
> It looks like ConfigurationOfGrease is missing #pharo7.x version
> identifiers throughout it.

BaselineOfGToolkitDocumenter refers to ConfigurationOfPillar #pier 
version. That is very, very old. Pillar broke compatibility years ago

ConfigurationOfPillar does not look good at all:

- no pharo 7 in stable, and a strange common version.
- in the stable version 6.0.6 all dependencies are to numbered versions 
instead of symbolic ones.

ConfigurationOfCocoon has the same problem, pointing to Magritte3 3.5.0

I could load by defining #'pharo7' versions in #'release1' and #'release1.3'


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