[Pharo-dev] Zerconf download of source files in Pharo 7

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Thu Oct 19 03:59:02 EDT 2017

When I run 

   wget -O- get.pharo.org/70+vm | bash

the zeroconf script downloads image bundle, VM bundle and sources archive: 

   Downloading the latest 70 Image:

   Downloading the latest pharoVM:
   Downloading PharoV70.sources:
   Creating starter scripts pharo and pharo-ui

Now in Pharo 7 the pharo.zip already includes the sources. Right?
See attached screenshot.

So why is the zeroconf additionally downloading the sources.zip
which IMHO is an unnecessary additional download now.

Maybe because it was necessary in the past and the zeroconf was
not adopted. 

Anyone able to check and maybe remove the additional download for Pharo 7?

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