[Pharo-dev] State of files.pharo.org

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Thu Oct 5 07:50:59 EDT 2017

> On 5 Oct 2017, at 13:35, Norbert Hartl <norbert at hartl.name> wrote:
> I'm trying to download images from files.pharo.org <http://files.pharo.org/>. Either it takes a lot of time or get something like
> Downloading the latest 70 Image:
>     http://files.pharo.org/get-files/70/pharo.zip <http://files.pharo.org/get-files/70/pharo.zip>
>   error:  invalid compressed data to inflate image.7vLfZK/Pharo7.0-32bit-6bff78c.image
> image.7vLfZK/Pharo7.0-32bit-6bff78c.sources  bad CRC 724d27ab  (should be f4d1baa8)
> That is really sad. What use is this wonderful environment if nobody can download it? We need to sort that out.
> So is this hosted in Inria data center?

Yes, and the admins can not find any problem. They closed the ticket I opened, but there is a new
ticket open since last week… not a good situation.


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