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Jan Blizničenko bliznjan at fit.cvut.cz
Tue Oct 3 16:21:25 EDT 2017


Unfortunately removing the /filetree does not seem to change anything - I
end up with same error. If I run the code without /filetree, however, it
creates the entry in Iceberg and then I can load it manually package by
package via Iceberg GUI, but I cannot run the baseline either by this code,
or by right clicking the baseline package and selecting "Install baseline
(default)", because even that ends with the very same exception as my code
(Could not resolve:...).

When I tried your code, either with or without /filetree, it ends up with
LGit_GIT_EEOF: ERROR: Repository not found. I debugged it and found out it
tries to find git at github.com:bliznjan/nameofmyproject.git but my project is
on gitlab, not github. The problem may lie somewhere around 
which contains creation of MCGitHubRepository even for an instance of

Also I do have Metacello integration checked, these are my Iceberg settings:


EstebanLM wrote
>> On 3 Oct 2017, at 08:47, Jan Blizničenko <

> bliznjan at .cvut

> > wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have a local clone of git repository and I am looking for code that
>> adds
>> this repository to Iceberg and then loads its baseline into Pharo. I am
>> using Pharo 6.1 (image 60510) and last stable Windows VM.
>> Right now I am experimenting with following code, it adds the project
>> into
>> Iceberg, but does not load the baseline. The code is:
>>  SystemSettingsPersistence updateSettingNodes. "sets ssh key locations"
>>  (Smalltalk at: #IceRepositoryCreator) new
>> 	  url: '

> git@

> :bliznjan/nameofmyproject.git';
>> 	  location: '/C:/Users/User/Pharo/repo/nameofmyproject/filetree'
>> asFileReference;
>> 	  subdirectory: 'filetree';
>> 	  createRepository. "this part seems to work fine”
> I think this is your error:
> '/C:/Users/User/Pharo/repo/nameofmyproject/filetree, needs to be
> '/C:/Users/User/Pharo/repo/nameofmyproject (without the filetree part,
> which is the subdirectory)
> now, I think if you do: 
> Metacello new 
> 	repository: ‘gitlab://bliznjan/nameofmyproject/filetree'
> <gitlab://bliznjan/nameofmyproject/filetree'>;
> 	baseline: ‘MyProject’
> 	load.
> ir will also do what you want without the two steps.
>>  Metacello new baseline: 'NameOfMyProject'; repository:
>> 'gitlocal:///C:/Users/User/Pharo/repo/nameofmyproject/filetree'; load.
>> "this
>> one fails with exception below"
>> loading the baseline ends with Exception
>>  Could not resolve: BaselineOfNameOfMyProject [BaselineOfNameOfMyProject]
>> in C:\Users\User\Pharo\images\TestingImage1\pharo-local\package-cache
>> C:\Users\User\Pharo\repo\nameofmyproject\filetree (Libgit)
>> Those paths seem correct - the package-cache is located in exactly that
>> position (but does not contain anything that relates to my project) and
>> the
>> filetree (repository) in the mentioned path and there is a
>> BaselineOfNameOfMyProject.package directory in there.
>> Also, if I then try loading the baseline manually via Iceberg, by right
>> clicking on BaselineOfNameOfMyProject in Packages tab, I get exactly same
>> exception.
>> Loading packages one by one manually via Iceberg Packages tab works.
>> Also,
>> loading the baseline via GitFileTree works.
>> Thank you
>> Jan
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