[Pharo-dev] Should we always put application file paths into FileLocator?

Henrik Sperre Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Tue Oct 3 13:38:54 EDT 2017

Denis Kudriashov wrote
> Hi Henrik.
> I just want practical solution. Now there are no tools to browse what
> files
> are used by applications. And simple convention could be good enough.

I agree there's a need for a practical solution; however, our definitions of
practical probably differs.
To me, practical is along the lines of
a) inspecting Path allInstances / searching for source hits on strings that
seem to match what I'm looking for
b) opening class references to FileLocator / Path + some

The point is, this is the type of task you may do variations of 5-20 times
during a single work day; if one has to rely on 
a) There being a convention
b) You being aware of the convention
c) The use you are interested in actually having followed the convention
to accomplish each, I personally prefer getting creative in use of a few
core tools*.

That said, we do have a few ways to group methods across packages based on
related functionality;
1) Method extensions on a central location (personally not a big fan, as you
may have deduced)
2) Implementing a common trait (Seems a bit heavyweight for this though)
3) Annotations/pragmas/method tags/whatever you want to call them.*
4) ?


*A generic annotations explorer (with dropdown / autocompletion of known
annotations, and filtering on the different arg values) would be a core tool
I'd be interested in using.
It could also act as a driver for adhering to said convention of method tags
for cross-package categorization, not just for methods specifying file
names, but in other areas as well.

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