[Pharo-dev] Should we always put application file paths into FileLocator?

Henrik Sperre Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Tue Oct 3 08:04:27 EDT 2017

Denis Kudriashov wrote
> Hi.
> Many times I was trying to find "global" files of some packages in system.
> For example do you know how to find epicea session logs?
> There is class side method for this at EpMonitor:
> EpMonitor logsDirectory
> Is it easy to find when you never look at it? No.
> Do you know how to find sources file? There is message in Smalltalk
> global:
> Smalltalk sourcesFile
> Is it easy to find? No.
> And there are many other examples.
> But if you read about FileSystem library. You know the common place where
> to find well known files. It is FileLocator.
> For example changes file is here:
> FileLocator changes.
> So my idea is to introduce kind of pattern, the good style, how to access
> global application files: they should be in FileLocator as extensions.
> Then it would be super easy to find files of any applications.
> What do you think?
> If it is good idea then we should fix current places in system to follow
> this pattern.
> Best regards,
> Denis

-1 from me, for the same reasons we moved away from Framework Settings as
extension methods on a central "Settings" class. 
Keep "globals" related to a package local to the package where they are


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