[Pharo-dev] Bloc Feedback

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Sat Nov 25 23:50:16 EST 2017

Aliaksei Syrel wrote
> Do you have any particular use-case for animations?

Just starting to port Morphs to Bloc, so looking for a natural replacement
for #step, but maybe I'm missing a paradigm shift?

Also, playing with the examples, more feedback:

>From the Bloc Example browser:
- running an example via the context menu shortcut resets the list selection
and scrolling starts from the first item
- running an example via the context menu via the mouse resets the list
scroll to the beginning
- colorsDataSource does not seem to return a graphical item; same with

- BlBasicExamples>>imageBackground -> "Instance of MozPath did not
understand #bounds"
- example_10800El10x10_inWin1200x900_mouseMove50ms -> "Instance of Duration
did not understand #adaptToNumber:andSend:"
- example_21846nestedEl_in800x800_mouseMove50ms -> "BlElement>>#position:
called from BlBenchmark class>>#createSquareAnd4SubSquaresLength:min: has
been deprecated"
- example_4800El_in800x600 -> "BlElement>>#position: … has been deprecated"
- example_5462nestedEl_in800x800_mouseMove50ms -> "BlElement>>#position: …
has been deprecated"
- example_821nestedEl_in1000x1000_mouseMove50ms -> "BlElement>>#position: …
has been deprecated"
- `#bezierControlPoints` -> "#emit was sent to nil"
- BlDragExamples, BlElementExampleCubeOpenGL, BlEventExamples -> not
immediately obvious how to use. Many examples seem to do nothing when
clicked from the browser
-  BlSelectionExamples don't seem to support... selection ha ha
- BrAttributeRopeExamples>>#attributesLeft tagged <gtExample>, but an
example of what?1

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