[Pharo-dev] Pharo Filter usability due to same background as List (Iceberg)

Cyril Ferlicot cyril.ferlicot at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 08:17:00 EST 2017

On mar. 21 nov. 2017 at 21:39, Torsten Bergmann <astares at gmx.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> I do not know if this is only an issue of Iceberg or of the themes in
> general:
> Due to the topic of todays techtalk I added "DiscordSt" repository to
> Iceberg leading to the attached screenshot.
> I wondered why there are only 7 packages while I was pretty sure that there
> were more packages in the GitHub page of the repo.
> displayed right at the bottom of the list.
> You can call me stupid - but I initially thought of an Iceberg synch
> synch issue were some packages were not downloaded/cloned - but then after
> several seconds
> I realized that the list just ends because of the filter area and there
> are more
> items - one just has to scroll.
> This is OK but I interpreted the white area of the filter as there is no
> further list item
> instead of realizing the filter possibility itself.
> Maybe I'm the only one but: as the (package) list background is white and
> the filter
> background is white too this is hardly to distinguish. Also the
> placeholder "Filter"
> is centered instead of right aligned ...
> So depending on windows size it is displayed in a wider distance to the
> list item text
> and one does not notice that the white area is a filter.
> I guess a small thin line to separate the filter widget from the list
> part of the widget would solve the issue. Would that be possible? If so is
> this only
> an issue of Iceberg or the Pharo theme in general?
> Also I wonder: the "Filter ..." placeholder label is centered in the
> middle. If one
> clicks into the filter the "Filter..." placeholder surprisingly jumps to
> the left.
> I guess we have to catch up more with the usability of our tools.
> Thanks
> T.


When I will have time I can take a look at this issue but I don't know when
I will be able.

> --
Cyril Ferlicot

2 rue Jacques Prévert 01,
59650 Villeneuve d'ascq France
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